What the Eff?

Julie Klausner's Animal Party is an original comic book by Julie Klausner, a Jew from Scarsdale.

Who the Eff?

Julie Klausner teaches art to schoolchildren during the day, and then she goes out at night (when she is not sleepy) to perform comedy at NYC stand-up venues (Hump Night, Invite Them Up, B3, Giant Tuesday Night...), and frequently at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Chelsea. Her TV credits include bit parts on SNL, Conan, and Strangers with Candy, and her one-woman show, Fancy, was highly reviewed by Time Out New York and received two extended runs at UCB. Her new comedy show will debut in April, and is otherwise an exciting mystery! Animal Party is her first comic book, but she started self-publishing at age 15, when she decided to devote time she could have spent socializing with her peers producing and distributing the zine But a Paper Dress.

Email her (me) at JAKlausner@aol.com. Be my cat's Friendster by doing a user search for "Smiley Muffin the Cat" and enter bassetbabe78@aol.com for her email address.

How the Eff?

Julie Klausner's Animal Party was produced over the course of 15 weeks in conjunction with a cartooning class taught by Lauren Weinstein. All cartoons are rendered with pen and ink and prepared for the web with Photoshop.


Lauren Weinstein's work is amazing, and can be found at www.vineyland.com. Special thanks to Neil Casey for the Animal Party website.
Thanks Scott, Nate, Sarah, Maya and Chris, The Klausners (Ellen, Joe and Phil) and you for reading.