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I have not looked around your site yet, so I don't know if what I am about to say carries any weight, but GODDAMN I love your site.

go to http://www.houseoffun.com/athome/ejournal.html Search for your Name: Julie Klausner Evan Dorkin's got some props coming to ya!

Your comics are hilarious. Cat News is amazing. You are hot and I hope you get lots of pussy. Paw pads.

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All of your comics are absolutely genius. I am ordering your comic book via Paypal AS WE SPEAK! Brilliant! Then when it arrives I will blow up all the images with my photocopier, make them into decals, put them on clothing and refuse to ever wear anything else. Or something.

Julie- I am trying to reach you about a project! Please e-mail me!

I love these! Send them to Danny. (OPR8U@aol.com)
ellen marsha

I love them all, but the hound wins my vote for favorite. Good show, Julie!
Ari Voukydis

Fan-fucking-tastic. So hard to pick a favorite... baby chicks was brilliant, but I'll go with OCD dog, nigh Bergeronian in its weirdness (a high compliment from as big a Bergeron fan as myself)

Although most fond of manatees, I also enjoyed mermainds and beating down metrosexuals. The favorite of many of my friends who borrowed my copy was "racist kitty." I smiled and said "Me too. Now buy your own @#%^@ copy."
dan goldstein

i say what mindy said, as usual.

Shout out to all da animals back in da hood, from Tela-Veev!!! Great work, jewel. My faves include "Bangs," "Olga the Octopus," "Dowagers an Curmudgeons," and "Metrosexual" (Nice writing, Nate)... But as much as I enjoyed my cyber-experience, there ain't nothin' as satisfyin' as puttin' up yer feet, crackin' a Bud and flippin' through an actual PAPER copy. (Buy one today!)

racist kitty
mindy kaling

oh god, the bassett hounds. the hounds I tell you. god bless you julie klausner. so smart and weird and hilarious, per usual.
Ross White

Tremendous. Hilarious. Wonderful.

I like to party. And I am an animal. Therefore Animal Party works for me!
Jon F.

I love animals and parties. Now I love Animal Party too.
Anne Harris

You draw wicked good.

I love cats!

Well done, Klausner.
Giorgio Moroder

Singer, dancer, actress, comedian, stand-up comic, writer, and now comic...book...writer? What can't this gal do?
Scott Jacobson

Julie shares my belief that animals are funny, as does Gary Larson. Great comic book. People should definitely order a copy through the site -- Julie doesn't mention this, but each page is embossed in gold leaf lettering on expensive chipboard. It's readable art.
nate harris

I really love this comic. I wonder what movie they saw? Probably 'Monster'. I hear that's a great date movie.
Neil Casey

This looks like the kind of island a kitty might live on. I love it.