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  This is an Old-Timey photo of Julie, taken at the Mall of America  
  This is what Julie is like at parties: fun, blurry, overlit, and in profile. Invite her to your next event!  
  Here's the time Julie hijacked a tram full of Red Hat Ladies, then passed out from "adorable!"  
  Anya Garrett shot this photo, but it took Colleen Kane to title it "The Caged Sexual Heat of Klausner." It's called Teamwork.  
  This photograph was taken at 11 AM in the morning.  
  The lady and the cat  
  Julie's impressive collection of owl-based paraphernalia does not make her a madwoman. Her tuxedo made out of human skin? Possibly.  
  It's curtains for the unnecessary obscuring of Julie's cleavage, I tells ya! Curtains!  
  Julie shortly fell asleep on this bed after this photo was taken.  
  A contemplative profile shot, bravely posed for without a blowdry or any frizz-eliminating hair product.  
  Julie's twin isn't that evil. She's just sort of passive aggressive.  
  Julie dancing at her friend's wedding. Note her face: she's "into it."  
  As Fran in "Sexual Intercourse, American Style"  
  As Abortion Girl in Les Freres Corbusier's "Hell House"  
  As Joan from "Free To Be Friends," after a long night. That's Mod Podge above Julie's shoulder, by the way. So yeah; it was one of THOSE nights.  
  As Trixie LaBoum Boum in "My Wife, The Ghost"  
  Understudying as Sakura Aqua in "NeoTokyo GirlCrush 2040!"  
  In Amsterdam, where there are silly hats for sale  
  Hangin' on the stage at the Charleston Comedy Festival  
  The crowning achievement that only rivals a "Do" in VICE magazine: Julie's photo on  
  Julie's headshot wants to eat a club sandwich with you!  
  Posing for a photo feature for Heeb magazine. This was before Julie had bangs.  
  Julie remembers, mid-trangression, what a jerk she is  
  When she was adorable, and jumping  
  Klausner and Midler: together at last  
  Acting out an old ragtime song; "Cremesicle on the Bowery"  
  Pointing a Treo camera phone into a bathroom mirror at Bowery Ballroom on St. Patty's day is a good excuse for why this photo is green  
  Now and Forever means Now and Forever.  
  Julie & Her Amazing Cats at Loser's Lounge  
  One day, Julie will be on your penny.